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Yacht Management 

A luxury yacht is a significant investment; yachts are valuable assets and require careful management, from rigorous financial management to employing a trusted crew and running a well-orchestrated diary.


Our yacht management services ensure that your yacht is being maintained, operated and administered to the highest possible standards, leaving you free to enjoy your time on board with family and friends.


Our highly qualified yacht management team have skills, knowledge and experience across a comprehensive range of services. From cost control for a yacht's operation and maintenance to every aspect of operating it, we act with efficiency, transparency, and, of course, accountability.


Yacht Luxe Management 

Yacht Luxe offers a wide range of yacht management services handling the full spectrum of yacht operation that comes along with yacht ownership. From financial reporting to crew management, our team has the specific knowledge and experience to deliver the highest caliber support. Effective checks and balances, both financially and operationally, offers the owner peace of mind that the yacht and crew are operating efficiently and safely. 


Yacht Luxe’s full-service management division provides a bespoke management program, covering the factors involved in owning a yacht including: 

  • Accounting and Cost Management 

  • Operations and Logistics 

  • Crew Management 

  • Safety Management 

  • Compliance and Regulatory support 

  • Insurance assistance and paperwork 

  • Technical Management 

  • Charter Yacht Management

Enjoy consistent yacht charter income


List your yacht on YACHT LUXE and enjoy charter income

Enjoy your yachting lifestyle &
keep your investment sound

Whether you desire to sail around the Andaman Ocean or the Southern Islands of Singapore, the best way to spend any time off would be on your own yacht. Enjoy your yachting lifestyle while preserving the value of your yacht. 


Every yacht has different degrees of complexity, yet it is imperative that your yacht has to be professionally serviced and maintained to preserve its value and achieve the best performance. With a specialist yacht management service; you can take the hard work out of luxury yacht ownership and enjoy your yacht with the knowledge that you will get the most out of your yacht and maximize your investment to ensure a high resale value should you choose to sell.


Enjoy the yachting
lifestyle without worry


Specialized Local Knowledge

With headquarters in Singapore, Yacht Luxe has representations and partners in major cruising areas of Asia. Our yacht management team and partners have extensive experience managing yachts of various sizes. Our local knowledge, networks, and expertise with the local supply chain allow us to be the best service providers on board. Our long-standing relationships and a wide network of contacts ensure access to the cost-efficient and reputable service to maintain your yacht and preserve its value.   

Bespoke Service 

Every yacht and her crew are different; we pride ourselves on offering a bespoke yacht management service fully tailored to the individual vessel and client. Our yacht managers will access your yacht’s needs and provide a customized service for you. We specialize in yachts of various sizes and types with the right knowledge and expertise that suits your yacht.

24 Hours Emergency Support

Our yacht management team provides 24-hour emergency support; in an emergency, relax and have peace of mind that our team is here for you no matter where you are or what time of your day.

Preserve the value & maximize
the return of your yacht

Owning a luxury yacht is an incredible experience and we will go above and beyond to preserve the value of your yacht and maximize your ownership experience. With our management team taking care of your yacht, you can create unforgettable memories and make the most of life on the water. 


Enjoy your yacht life
and we take the hard work out of owning a luxury yacht

Owning a yacht shouldn’t be hard work; our crew will take the hard work out of your luxury yacht ownership. Yacht Luxe delivers stress-free yachting, leaving our clients safe in the knowledge that our team of professional yacht crew is taking care of your asset and maximize your investment to ensure a high resale value should you choose to sell.

Our professional yacht management team will support the captain with various aspects of the yacht operation and provide their expertise running a vessel efficiently. We take pride in every yacht that we are involved in; your vessel will be taken care of with meticulous attention to details, delivering the best in human resources, streamline processes and saving both money and time.


You live the yachting dream.

We take care of it.

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