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Monaco 105 Yacht

230 Yacht Luxers love Monaco 105 Yacht
Yacht Type: Luxury Super Yacht
Decks: 3 | Cabins: 5
A Yacht at Sea
Length: 105 Feet | Refit: 2020
Venice 15.jpg
Strictly No Pets Onboard 
Berth: ONE°15 Marina Club, 11 Cove Drive Sentosa Cove, Singapore 098497
Max Guest Capacity: 55 pax

Monaco 105 Yacht stands as the epitome of opulence and innovation in the realm of luxury superyachts, meticulously built in Asia with a keen focus on sophisticated craftsmanship, superior build techniques, and cutting-edge technology. This exquisite vessel offers a truly unparalleled experience for discerning travelers and yachting enthusiasts alike.


One of Monaco's most remarkable features is its spacious flybridge, a sprawling area designed to captivate the senses. Here, guests can immerse themselves in the ultimate relaxation, submerging into the Jacuzzi while being surrounded by breathtaking panoramic views of the open sea. The vastness of the flybridge allows for a sense of freedom, where one can soak up the warmth of the sun, feel the gentle caress of the sea breeze, and revel in the serenity of the ocean.

Monaco 105 Yacht Rates

Number of Guests Onboard
Number of Yacht Sailing Hours
Weekday Rates (SGD$)
Weekend Rates (SGD$)
Public Holiday & PH Eve Rates (SGD$)
1 – 15 Guests
4 Hours
16 – 20 Guests
4 Hours
21 – 25 Guests
4 Hours
26 – 30 Guests
4 Hours
31 – 35 Guests
4 Hours
36 – 40 Guests
4 Hours
41 – 50 Guests
4 Hours
51 – 55 Guests
4 Hours

From S$5,263 for 4 Hours

Additional Add-ons Options:
Monaco 105 Yacht
Please note: 
1) Weekday rates are from Monday – Thursday.
2) Weekend rates are from Friday – Sunday.
3) Please note that yacht charter rates are exclusive of 10% service charge. 

Yacht Amenities

Microwave Oven Maintenance
Electric Oven
BBQ Grill
Electric Stove
Air Conditioner
Air Conditioner
Karaoke System
Ice Blocks
ice box.png
Ice Cooler Box
Venice 15.jpg
Life Jacket

Key Highlights

What's Included

Hot Jacuzzi Tub
Karaoke System
Sydney 8.jpg
Kayak x 2
Standup Paddle.jpg
Stand-Up Paddle Board x 2
Fully Equipped Kitchen
Fishing Speedboat
1 Yacht Captain & 
4 Crew
Two Wine Cups
Plastic Wine Glasses
Citrus and Chili Cocktail
Free Flow of Soft Drinks & Mineral Water
No corkage charge for 
Food & Beverage
Mahjong Room
Floating Mat x 1 

Available Add-on Options

Hamburgers in Grill
BBQ Rental & Chef Service 
(Weekday Rate)  
Roasted Corn
BBQ Rental & Chef Service 
(Weekend & PH Rate)  
Jet Ski At Sunset
Jet Ski Rental 
2 Hours  
Image by @whoisbenjamin
Yacht Charter 
Extension Per Hour 
(Weekday Rate) 
Yacht Charter 
Extension Per Hour 
(Weekend & PH Rate) 

Food Menu Options 
(Available Add-on Options) 

La Brasserie Set Menu 1.JPG
The Town Platter by
The Fullerton Hotel 

S$99.20 per pax
Minimum order of 5 pax applies
La Brasserie French Feast by
The Fullerton Bay Hotel 

S$113.60 per pax
Minimum order of 5 pax applies
Grilled Chicken
Yacht Luxe 
BBQ Menu (Halal)

S$35.00 per pax 
S$45.00 per pax (with beef)

Minimum order of 10 pax applies


Recommended Itinerary 

Meet your
Yacht Captain

Kindly refer to your booking confirmation email for the gathering point and yacht crew contact number. 15 mins before your charter time, call and meet your yacht captain at your meeting point. The yacht crew will be ushering you and your guest through the security gates. 

Your Yacht
Adventure Begins

Set sail on your yacht adventure after the captain’s safety/route briefing. We will embark on a cruise around Singapore’s Southern Islands (Sister’s Islands, St. John’s Island & Kusu Island). Your sailing journey will take approximately 25 mins. Enjoy the ride.

Yacht Life

The yacht will anchor at Lazarus Island for 2-3 hours of kayaking, paddle-boarding, suntanning, swimming or fun on the beach. While the yacht crew prepares your food & beverages (refer to add-on), your guest can enjoy the water sports, tan on the sun deck or explore the island. 

Enjoy the City Skyline

On our way back to the marina, admire the breathtaking sunset or Singapore's iconic city skyline of Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore Flyer. This is a recommended itinerary; you may speak to your yacht captain before your trip to customize your itinerary or sailing routes. 

  • Inclement Weather – What happens if there is a bad weather?
    If the weather is inclement at the time of the charter at the point of departure such that the captain judges it unsafe to go out to sea, the company will offer guests a reschedule of their charter without charge, subject to availability, provided the following conditions are met: Captain has the final say whether or not it is unsafe to go out to sea. No reliance on the weather forecast, only actual weather conditions observed; Weather conditions are to be taken at the time of charter and at the point of departure, and not before, or at any other location; All guests must be present at the point of departure, i.e., at the marina, at the time of the charter; If the weather turns inclement during the charter, after the boat has left the marina, the Captain shall exercise his discretion and may head back to port if the weather conditions are inclement enough to pose a risk to the safety of the guests. Singapore is located in the tropics, so occasional rain showers can be frequent, although heavy showers are typically short-lived. Passengers on-board the charter can still remain outside under the fly bridge cover on the top deck, or retreat to the air-conditioned saloon and cabins, which will still provide you sea views & breeze. Please be advised that once the yacht has departed the Marina, the charter is considered to have been fulfilled, and no cancellations or refunds are provided.
  • COVID-19 Policies & Practices
    If the company is prevented from conducting the charter due to factors beyond its control, such as changing government regulations or Covid-19 restrictions, a rescheduling of the affected charters will be offered to the client without charge, subject to availability, and to the resumption of such conditions necessary to conduct the charter. If the guests wish to reschedule charters for their own reasons, and not due to any inability on the part of the company to perform the charter or due to changing government regulations or Covid-19 restrictions, the guests will be following our usual reschedule and cancellation policy below.
  • What is your rescheduling policy?
    If the request is 30 days before the charter date, the rescheduling is provided free of charge. If the request is 14 days before the charter date, the rescheduling is allowed with an administrative fee of S$250. If it is less than 14 days prior to the charter date, rescheduling will incur a 50% charge of the charter fee. Validity for the reschedule booking must take place within 3 months from the first original booking date. Rescheduling due to bad weather is provided free of charge. Please see our Inclement Weather Policy for more information.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    If the cancellation request is made 60 days prior to the charter date, you will receive a full refund. Cancellation made more than 30 days prior to the departure will receive a full refund less an administration fee of S$500. For cancellations made less than 30 days prior to departure, no refund of the deposit will be made, or 50% of the fees will be refunded if full payment has been paid, whichever is applicable. For cancellations made less than 14 days prior to departure, the full amount will be forfeited.
  • How do I know if my booking is confirmed?
    All bookings are subjected to confirmation by the company, whereupon an invoice shall be issued. Bookings are only confirmed upon full receipt of payment and acknowledgement by the company. You will receive a confirmation email and voyage pass. In the voyage pass, the contact details of your captain will be written. If you would like to customise your sailing routes, you may speak to the captain before the charter to coordinate your itinerary. In doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us at or WhatsApp at +65 9173-8177.
  • Can I pay a deposit instead of a full payment?
    Unfortunately, we require full payment for confirmation.
  • What are your modes of payment?
    We accept the following payment modes: PayNow or Paylah! Credit Card PayPal Internet Bank Transfer Kindly note that online credit card payments and PayPal have admin charges. The admin charges go to the bank and payment company; Yacht Luxe does not profit from the admin charges. For 0% processing admin fees, please opt to pay through PayNow, Paylah! or Internet Bank Transfer.
  • Are there any hidden cost?
    No. Yacht Luxe prides itself on providing the most transparent cost to you. The full cost will be reflected on your yacht booking invoice emailed to you.
  • Can I book an overnight charter?
    Yes, you can book an overnight charter. Pricing from overnight charter starts from S$2,000 per night onwards. If you would like to book an overnight charter, please contact us directly.
  • When can I get in touch with the captain of the yacht?
    As soon as you’ve completed your booking, you can get in touch with the captain. Our captains are highly qualified and knowledgeable in their yachting field. If you would like to customise your sailing routes or decorate the yacht, you may speak to the captain before the charter to coordinate.
  • Is a child/baby considered as a passenger?
    Yes. Every individual, no matter the age, is considered a passenger.
  • Are dogs allowed onboard?
    Some of the yachts allow dogs onboard. However, some yachts do not allow any pets onboard. Every yacht listing will indicate whether it is pet friendly or if no pets are allowed onboard. If you would like to bring your dog on a yacht, you can select the add-on option to bring a pet. Please note that the additional charges are required to reimburse the crew for the post-cleaning cost of the pet’s fur on the yacht.
  • Yacht itinerary or sailing routes – Can I change my itinerary?
    As soon as you’ve completed your booking, you will receive a voyage pass along with the contact details of your captain. If you would like to customise your sailing routes, you may speak to the yacht captain before the charter to coordinate the itinerary. As long as the time and regulations permit, our yacht captain and crew will gladly take you on your yacht adventure.
  • Food & Beverages (F&B) – Will F&B be included?
    Food and drinks are not included in our charter rates. However, you may check out our BBQ menu or Fullerton menu available as an add-on option. You can save the hassle and order food and drinks from us. When you are onboard, sit back and relax as our crew will be ready to serve the food and drinks at your desired time. Utensils and cutlery will be provided for you. If you would like to prepare your own food or bring a private chef on board, most of the yachts have a 168-can ice-cooler, refrigerator, stove and microwave. Please refer to the yacht’s amenities for more information about the yacht.
  • Can we bring our own food? Are there any corkage fees for bringing our own food and drinks?
    Of course not. You may bring your own foods, drinks and alcoholic drinks at no additional cost. Kindly remember to bring along your utensils and cutlery for your own food.
  • Are there any corkage fees for alcohol?
    Of course not. You may bring your alcohol at no additional cost. Kindly remember to bring your own plastic wine glasses.
  • Do I need to bring my own utensils, plates and wine glasses?
    If you’re ordering food and drinks from us, we have disposable utensils, plates and cups that are available onboard. Our yachts have plastic wine glasses, so you can keep your fragile glasses at home. If you’re bringing your own food and drinks, there will be no additional charge. However, we will not be providing the utensils, plates and wine glasses. Kindly remember to bring your set of plates, utensils and plastic wine glasses. Before boarding the yacht, the items can be purchased at the cold storage near the yacht club.
  • Do I need to bring ice?
    If you’re ordering food and drinks from us, we will provide 18kg of ice in our ice cooler for chilling drinks, so you don't have to lug packs of ice over! If you’re bringing your own food and drinks, you can purchase a bag of ice at the cold storage near the yacht club before boarding the yacht.
  • BBQ Grill – If I am renting a BBQ Grill, will I have to grill the food on my own?"
    Enjoy the time with your treasured ones; our yacht crew will grill the food for you. Sit back and relax on the yacht, and our crew will grill and bring the BBQ food to you. The BBQ services/rental is a nominal fee for the crew to set up the pit, cook and serve the food, as well as clean up the pit.
  • BBQ Grill – Can I grill the food on my own using your BBQ pit?
    As our BBQ grill is a large one and for safety reasons, only our chef can do the grilling.
  • Music – Can I play my own music on board?
    Yes, of course. Our yachts have portable Bluetooth speakers. Go ahead and pair your smartphones or iPads.
  • Yacht Captain & Crew – Will there be someone to drive the yacht?
    Yes, there will be a captain and crew onboard. Our yacht captains are highly qualified and knowledgeable in their yachting field. If you need any help onboard, please do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly yacht captain and crew.
  • Yacht Decorations – Can I decorate my yacht ahead of the booking?
    As soon as you’ve completed your booking, you will receive a voyage pass along with the contact details of your captain. If you would like to decorate the yacht, you may speak to the captain before the charter to coordinate the decorations. We will accord up to half an hour for decorations; clients will need to book more rental time if they need more time. Notably, do not use strong adhesives that will damage the surface of the yachts/boats.
  • Essential – What do I wear?
    Yachting is a fun, and laid-back experience – so formal attire is not recommended in the warm and humid weather. The key thing is sun protection, so bring a hat and sunglasses for day charters. You might also want to go swimming during the day, so bring your swimming costumes and gear, towels and a change of clothes if necessary.
  • Packing List – What should I bring?
    Sea Bands or sea sickness tablets – tablets should be taken 30 minutes before the charter. Swimming gear, swimming & bath towels (Please bring your own for hygiene purposes) Dry clothing in case of heavy showers Sunglasses and sunscreen Camera to capture your memorable outing Bluetooth from iPod /iPhone /Android – you can plug your favourite tunes into the on-board entertainment system by syncing in with Bluetooth
  • Will I need bring my passport?
    Our leisure charters are within the Singapore waters. You will not need to bring your passport. Passports are required for extended charters outside of Singapore waters, such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. In the event that you will be embarking on an overseas yachting adventure, our team at Yacht Luxe will drop you a reminder to bring your passports.
  • Are there life jackets on board?
    Yes. Of course.
  • Motion Sickness – What if I have motion sickness?
    No worries! Remember to bring a sea band (elastic wristbands that use acupressure to alleviate nausea) or seasick pills (Blackmores Travel Calm Ginger pills). Both are available at most Watsons/ Guardian outlets. While onboard, you may try to avoid going indoors (cabins or saloons). Instead, you can stay on deck and soak in the fresh air and breeze. Once the yacht is safely anchored, you can jump into the sea for a swim. Or you can take a walk along the beach or Southern Islands.
  • Tipping – Do I have to tip the yacht crew?
    If you feel that your yacht crew has exceeded your expectations of excellent service for you and all your guests, a gratuity will always be most appreciated. Our crew work very hard under rain or shine to ensure a safe, smooth and memorable experience for all guests on board, so any token of appreciation will go a long way in affirming our efforts and encouraging us to do even better. Please feel free to pass it to them directly.
  • Can I purchase gift vouchers for Yacht Charter or Wanderluxe Experience?
    Yes. The gift of an adventure is a priceless present that your loved ones, family and friends will cherish. Please contact our Yacht Luxe team for more information.
  • Parking
    1. What are the parking rates at ONE ̊15 Marina? Parking is available at Sentosa Cove Village Carpark beside ONE ̊15 Marina. Visitor rates: $1.20/hour ($0.02/min), 7am – 5pm daily $2.40/entry, 5.01pm – 6.59am daily
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