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Liyann Seet 

Founder & Chairwoman 

 of Yacht Luxe

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Letter from our Founder

Fuelled by my passion for the nautical world, my team and I bring the best of the yachting lifestyle, exquisite yachts, and wanderluxe experiences to you. Yacht Luxe is founded for lovers of the oceans, wanderlust yacht adventurers, and dreamers of the shore.

The best adventures of my life were sailing across the oceans exploring the beautiful coastlines and loveliest islands with my sisters, family, and friends. As an avid adventurer, my treasured memories are jet ski racing along the amazing coastline of Santa Monica and Malibu, snorkeling among the fishes at the white sand beach in Boracay, as well as island hopping and stargazing on a yacht with my family. 

Inspired by my adventures, I would like to bring similar exceptional nautical experiences and exquisite yachts for you to revel in. Embark on an adventure of a lifetime and create unforgettable memories with your family and friends. Your adventures of a lifetime are just a click away on Yacht Luxe. 

For entrepreneurs, creatives, and those fighting the good fight; my team and I hope to work with you to share your expertise through your MasterClass on our yachts. Holla at us on our contact form to collaborate! Our friendly curation team will work with you to list your MasterClass on our Wanderluxe Experience; we hope to generate an additional stream of revenue and marketing exposure for your business. 

We are a tribe who fell in love with the ocean, yachting, and the nautical lifestyle. And we hope that you will do too ;) Follow @yacht_luxe on Instagram for our incredible yacht adventures and tag #yacht_luxe to share your unforgettable yacht memories. 


Love always,

Liyann Seet 

We are a tribe who fell
in love with the ocean, yachting and wanderluxe adventures.
And we hope that you will too :)


Our Yacht Luxe Story 

Established in Singapore by Liyann Seet, Yacht Luxe is a yachting company founded for the passion of the ocean, yachts, and meeting the needs of the marine industry worldwide. Yacht Luxe has one of the largest fleets of yachts for charter in Singapore; select from our wide selection of yachts to create your very own luxurious yachting experience. Beyond the yachting lifestyle, our team has curated a list of luxury wanderluxe experiences that you can enjoy on our fleet of yachts. 


Over the years, the Yacht Luxe membership club has been welcoming distinguished members through its gates. Undefined by status, profession, or pretentiousness, our members are passionate about yachting and looking to build bridges with like-minded individuals.


Liyann has also expanded the business by offering a wide range of yacht management services handling the full spectrum of yacht operation that comes along with yacht ownership. With headquarters in Singapore, Yacht Luxe has representations and partners in major cruising areas of Asia; our local knowledge, networks, and expertise with the local supply chain allow us to be a stellar choice of yacht management service providers. 


Yacht Luxe covers various aspects of yachting, including yacht chartering, brokerage, management, and investment sales. We are advocators of the yachting lifestyle and seek to deliver exceptional yachting experiences to clients worldwide. We aspire to set the trends of tomorrow in the luxury yachting world and expand the Yacht Luxe brand and its trusted partners. 

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